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From: BW
Subject: Family Bonding 2If you're under 18... don't bother. Here is part two.
Number 13. Who was the lawyer who helped define the Amistad case? I
couldn't think of the answer, and just sat there pondering. I had seen
the movie, and I kept thinking of the word slave when I was trying to
concentrate on my homework. Admittedly, it was a bit hard concentrating
when I could just feel that Kevin was going to tell my Dad about what
happened between me and Kevin and Keith. I hadn't done much but I had
done enough for my Dad to be mad. I thought maybe he wouldn't tell
because they let me do those things, but I knew Kevin was good at making
himself the victim. "ERIC!!! DINNER!!!!!", I heard a voice call. I looked at my
homework young lolita girls pictures and shrugged it off. I closed the book and headed for the
kitchen. "Coming!!" I recognized the voice to by my younger brother's,
Jack. I made my way into the kitchen and I saw my brothers and Keith
sitting at the dinner table talking and laughing. Jack looked a little
confused and they hadn't seen me so I hid behind the wall right before
the kitchen door. "What do you mean, a slave? Isn't that what those
Africans were?", I heard my brother Jack ask. I couldn't believe it, I
just couldn't believe it. Kevin and Keith must have told Jack and now
Jack will never talk to me again. "But he wants to be this way.. you've
jacked off before, right Jack?", said Keith. Keith sounded
understanding, and I had never heard Keith sound this way before. To be
honest I extreme pre lolita list haven't heard Keith talk all that much at all. "Yeah I've
jacked off, but what's the point?", asked Jack. Jack sounded a little
confused with the matter. "The point is, we now have a, a servant if
you will to jack us off- only he'll use his mouth. We can fuck him all
we want, use him, and piss in his mouth. How does that sound to you,
Jack?", said Keith. My gut was twisting like crazy and I must've had
100 butterflies flying in my stomach. I couldn't believe that they were
trying to get Jack into the scenario. "Sounds good to me! As a matter of
fact, I need to pee right now! What do I do?", asked Jack. I decided to make my move. I opened the kitchen door and got
on my knees right away. I had never been this bold before, I was really
proud of myself. "Pee in my mouth, Sir." I had actually called Jack
Sir. Kevin laughed, got up and put his hands on my hair and pushed my
head back so my mouth would be nice and wide for Jack. "Here, piss in
the bitch's mouth." Jack looked wary but free young underage lolicon he seemed determined. "This
is so cool..this is going to be so much fun, er, bitch!" Jack was proud
that he cursed at me. My head was spinning. I didn't know what to think. My cousin
Keith, my older brother Kevin AND my brother Jack?! Wow. I opened my
mouth, eager for Jack to put his cock in. Jack unzipped his pants and
pulled his cock out. It was uncut, like Kevin's, and it was extremely
thick. It looked to be maybe 7 inches hard- about the same size as mine
currently. I stopped growing (dick wise) when I was about 13 so I was
proud that he was taking after me. Jack put his dick in my mouth and
pissed right into it. I had already taken two loads so the third wasn't
too bad. I didn't let any of it come out of my mouth. I was very proud
of my accomplishment. Jack didn't say anything but looked really pleased
to be doing this. He pulled his dick out and put it right back in his
jeans. "Get out, bitch! I gotta talk to the guys!", said Jack.
Keith and Kevin laughed so hard at this. I looked at Kevin as if to go
"should I?" and he understood and nodded his head while laughing. I
walked out of the kitchen with a big smile on my face. I heard whooping
coming from the kitchen. "Way to go buddy! That's the way to treat that
faggot!", said Keith. "I've never done anything like that.. it felt
really good! You said he wanted this, right?", asked Jack with a
uncertain expression on his face. "Yes, Jack, he wants this. I'm not sure why but he does.
It'll be a lot of fun. We need to break him in as a true slave." Kevin
was speaking as Keith and Jack were intently listening. I was listening
from the door, not sure if they knew I was listening. "We have a couple
of things to do- we need to make sure he knows lolitas pussy 14 years his place. We are to
always be able to fuck him, we are to always be his toilet and we are to
always call him by something other than his birth name. We shall control
his life. It sounds like fun, doesn't it?" Kevin laughed as he said
this. "I have several friends who will love to fuck him. How about you
guys?" "Oh yeah, I know tons of guys who would love for him to do
that!", said Jack. Keith merely nodded his head. "Tons of guys."
Kevin put his hands on both of the guy's shoulders. "Okay, first we
need to figure out how to deal with Dad. How are we going to get by
without him knowing?" I got really scared at this point listening- it
made me think that they might tell him. What if he caught us? Would he
beat me? I couldn't picture my dad lecturing me, much less hit me.
Thoughts of paranoia raced in my head. "What if we just told him? Your dad is pretty open to
things.. it might take a while for him to get used to the idea of using
his son but we can do things in front of him to make him realize that
Eric WANTS it." Keith said the longest thing I've ever heard him say,
and what he said freaked me out. I didn't want Dad to know. I mean,
I've lusted after my Dad for quite a while but I didn't want him to
know. My dad is the last person that I want to not like me. "Bitch, get in here!", yelled Kevin. "Take off your
clothes, bitch. When you're done with that, put them on the ground over
by the corner. That's your bed now. My friend Ben is going to sleep on
your bed tonight, okay?" I'm not afraid of my nudity, but as I've said
I'm self conscious around family. I didn't want to disobey my master,
though. I took off my jeans and put them in the corner. I tried to make
it look like a pillow of some sort. Then I took off my shirt and put it
down to be a blanket. Lastly I took off my underwear and put it down. I
put my hands over my crotch and turned toward Kevin. "What now, Sir?",
I asked. "Take your damn hands off your crotch, faggot!" Kevin was
having a great time with this. I took my hands off of my crotch and my face turned red. An
uproar of laughter followed. "The damn faggot is hard! Haha!", roared
Kevin. Then the phone rang, and Jack got up to get it. "Hello?... uh
huh. Okay. Gotcha. Yeah, we're having fun here. magic lolita bbs nymphets
So much to tell you,
Dad! Yeah. Okay, I'll tell him. Okay, bye!" Jack hung pedo lolitas porno children up. "That was
Dad, he'll be home in about 20 minutes. What should we do about Eric's
raging boner there?" "Nothing, nothing. He won't be allowed to jack off..
imagine what kind of torture that'll bring him!" Kevin turned toward
me. "Is that understandable, slave? You are not to masturbate. If you
do, one of us can and will punish you." I nodded and tried really hard
not to touch my boner. I was used to jacking off constantly, but I was
going to obey my master. "Listen, Eric, this is very important. You need to do
exactly what I say when Dad gets home." Kevin had used my real name, I
wasn't sure why. "You are to be naked.. you are going to be in your
corner. Do not speak at all- do not say hi, do not say a word. Do I make
myself clear?" Kevin was very stern with what he just said. "Yes Sir." I was very, very afraid. I felt like I had to
shit an elephant out of my ass and that there were 200 butterflies in my
stomach. little lolita rape pics I wasn't sure what to expect, and I definitely wasn't sure
what Kevin was thinking. I could tell that Jack was nervous, too. Keith
seemed complacent and just kept cooking. They were making hamburgers. 20 minutes, 20 slow minutes went by and I remained sitting at
my corner on top of my clothes, buck naked. Keith was chopping the
lettuce, Jack was sitting at the kitchen table on the laptop and Kevin
was on the phone. It was completely silent other than Kevin talking on
the phone. The tension in the room was huge. The door clicked open. Everyone froze and looked toward the
kitchen door. Kevin hung up the phone. "Act natural, guys. Go back to
what you were doing." I was a ball full of tension when I heard the
footsteps of my unsuspecting father. "Where are you guys? In the
kitchen?" Nobody answered since my dad walked into the kitchen right
after he said that. He immediately stopped when he saw me and just froze
in his footsteps. "What the hell are you doing on the floor naked,
son?" Kevin started laughing. He didn't sound nervous at all. "Long
story, Dad. Looks like your boy here wants to be a slave." Dad looked at
Kevin like he was crazy. "Who wants to be a slave? What do you mean?"
Kevin didn't miss a beat when he told Dad the story. "Remember that
website we found on the computer,slave4master or whatever it was? Well,
turns out that it was Eric's. And we decided to use the situation to our
advantage.. and make him our slave." Dad stood there for a little while, trying to think of what
to say. Jack suddenly stood up and turned the laptop toward him. "Hey
Dad, this is a website that tells you how to be a Master or whatever. I
think it's pretty cool. You should try it out." Dad laughed, and turned
toward Keith. "Keith, whaddya got to say on this whole thing?" Keith
just shrugged. "I think it's cool.. my girlfriend isn't giving me any
so I'm glad I have a source, right in our own home!" Keith went right
back to eating his hamburgers, as if nothing out of the ordinary was
happening. "So he wants to do this? Have you guys done anything with
him?", asked Dad. "Kevin, how long has this been going on?" " Actually, only about two hours. We are all fairly new to
this whole thing.. we've only pissed in his mouth. He really enjoyed it,
too! I never knew someone could enjoy piss. We wanted to save the, you
know, other stuff, for you." Dad smiled. I was shocked! I couldn't believe it sounded
like he was going to join in on this. Does this mean I would be a full
time slave, in my own home? I couldn't believe this. "What are the
conditions, I mean, what does he want out of it? I don't do the faggot
stuff, I'm not sucking anyone's dick", Dad asked. Keith laughed and
put his hands onto the counter. "He doesn't get anything out of it. You
see where he is now? That's his bed. He sleeps there. He's our slave,
Jeff.. our slave. He's ours to use. He's not even allowed to
masturbate, dude!", laughed Keith. Dad looked weary at first aceboard com lolita vids but eventually put his hands on his
crotch and looked at me. I looked at him with an eager face. This was my
Daddy, the man who raised me, the man I love. I was finally about to pay
him back for all the things he had done for me in the years prior. Dad
unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. I had seen it before when it
popped out of his boxers, but it looked even better since he was heading
right toward me. "Boy, I need to use the pisser.. your mouth! Open up,
bitch!" Dad put his cock in my mouth and pissed away. I started crying
in joy. I was so happy that this was happening. "Damn, boys! The fucking
faggot has a hardon from all this! You were right, he loves this!" Dad rubbed my head and chuckled. "We're going to have fun
with you, slave boy. Welcome to your new life. I need you to tell me that
this is what you want, 100%." I looked up at him, and nodded. "Yes,
Sir, I want to service you guys and whoever you bring into to house for
as long as I live." Dad chuckled, and nodded his head. "Alrighty then.
Get out a bowl, loli preteen r ygold Kevin. Put it by Eric." Kevin got a bowl from the
cupboard and put real nude lolita preteen it by my feet. "Okay boys, get ready for dinner. Jack,
I wanna see that website of yours. Eric, you stay where you are. I'll
tell you what to do in a little lolita rape pics
minute." I couldn't believe this was going on. Many thoughts were
going through my head, but the main one was how badly I wanted to service
them. I'm finally servicing the people I've always wanted to service. I
couldn't believe this was happening. I remember I was talking to someone
online from the slave/master site and they asked me if I lusted for the
people in my house. I said yes, and I talked about how it would never
happen because I wasn't gutsy enough to admit anything. But lo and
behold, here I am, a slave in my own house. Dad started putting out the plates, and I noticed he put 5
plates out. I out of instinct almost got up, but I stopped myself. I knew
my place was at where I was, but I couldn't help but wonder why he put 5
plates. "Look boy, you may be our house lolita nude art foto slave now, but I intend to
treat you like respect and like my son. I don't care how free young underage lolicon the boys treat
you, that is between you and them, but as far as I go you will always sit
at the table when we are eating dinner. The only exception is when loli preteen r ygold
have guests. You are, however, to remain naked. Is that understood?" I
nodded my head. "Yes Dad." Dad shook his head. "No.. yes SIR. You are to always address
me as Sir.. and address the boys by Sir and then their name. I will
always be Sir." I nodded my head again. "Yes Sir." "Good boy. Now sit at the table." I got up and sat at the
table, completely nude. I still had a hard-on, and I was amazed at how
normal everyone was acting. Here it was, my family, my brothers, my
cousin and my father just sitting at the table eating their hamburgers as
if nothing happened. I didn't dare say anything. All of a sudden Keith put down little lolita pics nude his fork. "Fuck, I'm horny,
I can't stand it anymore. Bitch, get down on your knees, now. I'm going
to teach you how to suck a cock properly." I looked around at the
others, who just looked smug. Dad looked at Keith and gave him a face
that clearly read "Enjoy". I immediately got up and got on my knees. Keith took his belt
off and unzipped his pants, pulling out his 8 inch boner. It was rock
hard, and it was the only cut dick in pedo lolitas porno children the family. "Alright bitch, first,
take your mouth and put it over my balls. Lick them nice and clean." I
took my tongue and licked over his hairy balls. I started to enjoy myself
a little bit more, and put my hand on his raging hot cock. "That's
right, bitch.. you seem to know what you're doing. I think we have a
natural here, boys!", groaned Keith. I took my hand and moved it to his
balls and I started to lick Keith's dick slit. I started to lick up and
down his cock, and then decided to suck on it. I put my mouth over his
cock, and tried to swallow it. I had done plenty of reading on how to
suck a cock. I put my lips over my teeth so I wouldn't bite him. "Fuck
yeah, bitch.. you and I are going to have some fun. Suck that cock
faggot.." I went on sucking his hot dick, massaging his balls as I did. I sucked on Keith's cock to no end, and Keith put his hands
on my head and pushed my head down so I would go deeper on his cock.
"Come on bitch, take it all! Take all of my mancock, faggot! Show how
true of a faggot you are!" I sucked and tried to swallow his cock. I
started moaning because I heard that makes it feel better. "Oh yeah
faggot.. keep it up! I'm coming, bitch, I'm coming! Take it all!" I
felt spurt after spurt go down my throat. It was warm and salty. I was
used to my sperm and thought it tasted okay, but I LOVED Keith's sperm.
I sucked his cock clean and removed my mouth off of his cock. I then
licked up all the remaining sperm on my mouth and Keith put his cock back
in his pants and zipped them right up. "Good job bitch", he said to me.
He went back to his spot at the dinner table and started eating again, as
if nothing had happened. I was still on my knees, and Dad started getting up. "Stay
there, boy. It's my turn."
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